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The following publications were published by 7 dias newspaper between 2006 to 2011                                                                                                      
Class Action for State tuition charged to US Citizen Children born of illegal alien parents    
Secure Communities Vs. Deportations                                                                                           
SB2040 is dead they might bring it up for debate in 2012                                                        
Florida Congress arguments about SB2040 are a Political Show                                              
Poor outlook for 2011 regarding an immigration reform                                                            
Dream Act double edged proposal                                                                                                
Hope for an Immigration Reform in 2010 is dead                                                                       
Manatee County Police Department will not enforce INA 287(g),
police officers acting with immigration powers                                                                            
Proyections for 2009 changes and hopes                                                                                      
No more... do not risk your stay in this country for obtaining your driver's license illegally
Do not wait for an Immigration reform you must complete your TPS Registration              
Getting your driver's license could be a sweet and sour process                                               
License to kill the hope of getting married in the United States: Policy clarification             
Decisiones que matan: Cuando mueren las ilusiones solo queda Echarle Ganas                     
Substantial increase in the immigration fees, prepare your documents now                          
Without an Immigration Status it is impossible to obtain your driver's license,
you must have a valid petition approved by the USCIS                                                            
Immigration Reform, a long path for legalization                                                                       
La pujante Comunidad Argentina: Trabaja por consolidar                                                        
What could happen to HR4437? knowing the details                                                                 

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